15 Days

Exclusive Package

5 Star Hotel in Makkah with Kabbah View
5 Star Hotel in Medina with Haram View
Exclusive Mena & Arafat Camps Private Tents and Bathrooms
Business Class Flight
Exclusive offer in the USA by Adam Travel
4-Star Hilton Tower Hotel -10 Nights During Manasek
4-Star Nozol Royal Inn Hotel
North American Mena Camp

15 days

Hilton Tower Hotel in Makkah-10 Nights During Manasek
Royal Nozol Hotel in Medina
North American Mena Camp
Option to visit Egypt after Hajj
5 Star Hilton Suites Makkah*
9 nights during Manasik
4 Star Dalla Taiba in Medina
Premium Mena & Arafat Camps