Dr Tarek Chebbi

Dr. Tarek Chebbi, was the Imam of Masjid Al-Ihsaan in Miami for over 12 years. An Educational Researcher and a University Professor for over 15 years. Studied in Tunisia, France, and the USA and is fluent in 5 languages.
In addition to Masjid Al-Ihsaan, Dr. Chebbi delivers Khutab (Friday’s Jumua) at several South Florida Masajids (e.g. Islamic Foundation of South Florida, Masjid-Downtown Miami, Masjid Annour, Masjid Miami-Gardens) and gives Islamic lectures at these and other South Florida Masajids as well.
Imam Chebbi was a board member of the Islamic School Of Miami for over 20 years. He taught Islamic Studies (Quran, Arabic, etc…) to children for many years. He is currently the principal of the Sunday Islamic School of Miami.  He was also a board member of the United Muslim Organization in Miami.

Dr. Chebbi led hajj groups with AdamTravel for several years and constantly receives very positive feedback.  He wrote a step-by-step pamphlet on how to perform Manaasek AlHajj according to the Quran and the Sunnah that he used while leading hajj groups for the past 7 years.