2018 Umrah


Space Available

Departure Apr 13, 2018 from BOS.
Return from Saudi Apr 22, 2018.
4 nightsGrand Mercure Hotel in Madinah
4 nights in Mecca Hilton Hotel.
Full land transportation
Visa Processing

9 Days

Space Available

Friday, March 30th,2018 fly non-stop Washington DC to Jeddah
Dar Akhijra Intercontinental Hotel, Medina - 4 nights March 31 to April 4 Hilton Convention Hotel, Makkah - 4 nights April 4 to April 8Travel

7 Days

Space Available

Departure from the US Feb 18, 2018 from JFK. Return from Saudi Feb 25, 2018. 3 nights in Dar Alhijra Intercontinental in Madinah
3 nights in Hilton convention
Full land transportation
Visa Processing
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