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April Umrah Package 2

April Umrah Package 2

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The client understands that the government has imposed strict Covid related regulations. These regulations cannot be circumvented by Adam Travel, and all pilgrims must abide by them. Due to these regulations, all our December umrah packages are subject to changes and government mandates at any time. Restriction can include but is not limited to flight schedule, hotel occupancy, entrance into the KSA from certain embarking points, visa regulations, sightseeing, transportation occupancy, and type of transportation. In addition, there are restrictions on the number of times a pilgrim can perform Umrah, enter the Haram, or visit the Rawda. Pilgrims are advised to download all applicable apps such as Tawakalna and Etamarna. There are also different regulations depending on whether you enter with a Tourist visa or Umrah visa. Adam Travel is willing to advise on differences between each, but due to the constantly changing nature of the regulations, cannot be responsible for canceled activities that can be done with one visa and not the other. Finally, Should the client receive a positive Covid test prior to travel and forward the proper documentation, Umrah Visas are fully non-refundable. However, air and land bookings will be held as credit for the next available trip, pending approval from third-party vendors (hotels & airlines and Saudi Arabia distribution system).
Should The client receive a positive test in Saudi Arabia prior to their return, Adam Travel will work to change their return ticket free of charge, assuming airlines still allow no penalty for Covid related date changes, and there is no fare difference
However, any additional expenses including but not limited to hotel expenses and meals will be the responsibility of the client. programs may be canceled unexpectedly due to government regulations or airline regulations. Adam Travel cannot be held responsible for changes of this nature.

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Price:$3,090 PER PERSON

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Price:$3,290 PER PERSON

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Price:$3,490 PER PERSON