Dear Travelers, While many cities and destination have begun taking visitors, please note that all travel bookings, maybe subject to unexpected cancellations or changes due to Covid-19. For more information please contact your agent directly. Otherwise, please reach us via our toll free number or facebook to be directed to the first available travel specialist.

Travel Health Tips

MARCH 6, 2020

Corona Virus Travel Tips

  • Check government websites & set alerts.
  • Reach out to your airline & email your hotel.
  • Double-check your travel insurance policy.
  • Follow general health precautions at home & abroad.

Important notice for Saudi Arabia travelers

MARCH 2, 2020

Dear Travelers:
In order, to better prepare their infrastructure for any possible Corona Virus Outbreaks, Saudi Arabia has closed entrance to the Haram in Mekkah for the month of March. Any passengers wishing to travel, should please delay travel plans until April or until the closure is lifted. Those who have already booked, please contact your agent to start the refund process.

We expect Umrah to resume in April, however, please check our platforms for updates.

p.s There has been no ban on Hajj. It is expected to resume without issue.

Thank you,

Adam Travel Team

Important notice for Saudi Arabia travelers

MARCH 2, 2020


Dear Travelers,

The official position of the Kingdom is Saudi Arabia is that the roads to Mekkah are closed.

However, the majority of passengers have been passing through without issue.

We do believe that most passengers will enter the Haram without issue. However, we advise travelers to proceed with caution.

Please contact your local agent for more information.