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Please see our Hajj 2021 Packages and prices as a reference

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Hajj 2021 Formal Precautions
Dear Pilgrim, please be aware of the following items before proceeding

1) Hajj 2021 has not been formally announced by the Hajj Ministry
2) The price releases ARE NOT the final prices. Many of the vendors have not released prices, and there may be SIGNIFICANT price increases
3) Occupancy in Hotel is subject to change, quad rooms may not be allowed per the Kingdom's health ministry.
4) Available airlines may change
5) Itineraries may change based on announced quarantine requirements
6) There may be limitations on pilgrim numbers and certain programs may be cancelled

Please note: We will update you as soon as any of the information becomes available. In addition, Pilgrims will be allowed a full refund if any of the changes will make the journey burdensome.
Our goal is to give our clients a chance to plan ahead and confirm their potential programs, based on the information we have currently. IA if there is a Hajj available to us, Those who are first to confirm will have the top priority in confirming their hajj program for 2021.

We greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility during these unpredictable times.