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7 days turkey tour package

Turkey Tour Packages

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Turkey Tour Packages with affordable and luxury packages. 

Turkey is a country of natural beauty, history and culture.The country has many lakes, mountains and plains that together make it an inviting place to visit. Its mountains run through the country in the form of the Taurus and the Hijaz deserts. These two borders are where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet at a fertile delta. Although much of Turkey’s land is mountainous, it’s also well- watered by the region’s many rivers and lakes.

Turkey was once part of the Greco-Roman world; this world later became part of early Christian theology when missionaries from Antioch arrived in 60 A .D. This world birthplace of Christianity is also where early Nestorians and Coptics arrived. In addition to early Christians, Saint Paul founded his first church in Turkey after he traveled through on his way to Greece.

Turkish culture is famous worldwide as evidenced by its appearance in popular culture such as comic books, movies and games. Many actors travel from all over the world to appear in Turkish productions.Turkish food is also highly Instagrammable; you can find restaurants that specialize in ‘meze’ or small plates of food from around the world. In addition to food, many people travel to Turkey to experience their renowned nightlife. Whether it be a rooftop bar or an ancient city district, Turkish culture is known for celebrating life- one moment at a time.

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